Guard Unit H-GU

سازنده: GVS

تگ ها: IP Video Door Phone آیفون تحت شبکه

پنل اصلی نگهبانی (سرایدار) تحت شبکه با قابلیت تماس صوتی با واحد ها

خرید آنلاین محصول


Product Overview

This product is based on TCP/IP protocol, works as a management center to

manage the indoor monitors of residents and the outdoor stations of all the

entrance of the community.

1. 7 inch capacitive touch screen;

2. Can call indoor monitors and other guard unis (if the system has more

than 1 guard unit);

3. Can receive calls from indoor monitor, outdoor stations and other guard

units (if the system has more than 1 guard unit);

4. Synchronously response to the alarming signal from the indoor station;

5. Record alarm information;

6. Can unlock the outdoor stations/gate station;

7. Can display the number of indoor station/outdoor station;

8. Monitor the Outdoor Station, Gate Station, IP Cameras

9. Support emergency unlocking: unlock all outdoor stations with one key

(1 hour).