" 4.3 Coding Outdoor Station H-OS02

سازنده: GVS

تگ ها: IP Video Door Phone آیفون تحت شبکه

پنل آیفون بیرونی تحت شبکه با پروتکل TCP-IP

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4.3 coding outdoor station

  • Display: 4.3inch TFT with advanced GUI
  • Working voltage: DC 24V (support POE)
  • Protocol: Standard TCP/IP
  • Card Supported: IC/ID card
  • Support Intercommunication function Support tamper alarm


1. Network Interface (Non-standard PoE power supply; Customized interface.)
2. DC 24 V 24V DC interface for input power
3. +12V : Only when the outdoor station input voltage >18V, + 12 V voltage is given. If input
voltage is + 12 V, the output will be lower than + 10V.
COM, NO and NC :Common pin, normally-open pin, and normally-closed pin for the unlock
GS: Door status detection input pin.
UNLOCK GND: unlock